working now for half a year at kenWorth Kenworth orginal (flash) website  a realestate developer.
Controlling the sales staff
at their "West the beautiful scenery" Project
at end of Renming Xi Lu opposite to Mian
Shan Bussstation (lines 54 237 from Xiao Xi Men...).

Because of the site being 100% flash , it couldn't be accessed by Apple products (Ipad ,Ipod...)
and there was 0 for search engines,..
Thus I tried to improve their website,
the first step should have been transforming it into a 100% html and css,
the second implementing javascripts (after I learned it)to make it more Chinese and Search engine optimisation ,
third translating it into English and adding some missing and useful functions to it.
But this was stopped, half way realising the first step, because I should spend my time doing more useful things.

Here you can see most of what i did :
Kenworth copy (html+css+(javascript)) website

English and you can't find at original
Who is Who
Kenworth calender
realestate phrases/vocabulary