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font: normal 1em Verdana,Georgia; (added Verdana; as it is suposed to be better readable)


colors from add background
background-color:#fef8d8; color:#432000;
Other color :#f4cd88

colors from Root menue
menue background-color: #663333; box-shadow: -3px 3px 2px grey;
black, grey, silver, white, orange

To do

  1. update Szeto
  2. ask for home background image
  3. ask server provider how to make that php language is executed in html scripts
  4. (learn how to) insert comment function on every page except home
  5. insert mail function on each page

  6. ask for org chart: name function photo
  7. ask for story of big boss Mr. Gong
  8. ask for history of kenWorth
  9. contact lawyer
  10. contact translator
  11. find things and places for newbies
  12. insert (invisible) visitor counters,
    at both, the old Chinese and my new international part, of the kenWorth Site
    - to see that I do better(or worse) than the Chinese part of the kenWorth Site

  13. find native English speaker
  14. picture show
  15. news
  16. add all this, translated, to the Chinese Website